DURA Project

The word DURA means stable and steady in old Turkish, it is not initials of any group of words. This study is made to design a steady and stable technological tool for blind and deaf learners. Products of DURA are video files but we enriched these video files with subtitle and a human voice of what was written in the subtitle. DURA Project includes how to add these voice and subtitle with open source tools. Moreover, we split the video screen for real record and pictures. In the right side, abstract and micro-scaled explanations can be seen but in the left side of the video concrete and macro-level records of any phenomenon can be seen. DURA products are not GIF images, animations or teaching videos; they are enriched video files that anyone can create with open source software according to DURA Project principles. This project explains
these principles that includes how to describe what is happening in the video and examples for users.

Keywords: Video, Micro-macro level, Abstract-concrete presentation, Deaf and blind learners

Goal: The purpose of this study is to produce a digital product that many disabled students can use. Our first target is the development of the software. In this sense, we need C # users. I think the project will bring a worldwide impact. I must also mention that we work voluntarily. 

ResearchGate project link: https://www.researchgate.net/project/DURA-Project

Example Video of DURA Project